About Us

Dr.Bob Crow, PhD and Inga Chamberlain, PhD are the co-directors of the Atlanta Center for Hypnosis Training and co-founders of the Atlanta Center for Behavioral Change. Together, they apply over fifty years of combined experience working with people to establish positive and lasting improvements in their lives.

Their full time practice is focused on guiding patients and clients to solutions for both clinical and medical issues. These issues range from stress release, permanent weight loss, smoking cessation, sports performance, to sales, business, marriage and relationship counseling. They believe in the idea that there is not a singular solution to most problems and using and NLP they help their clients create the change they desire. They are board certified in clinical hypnotherapy, medical hypnosis, pain management hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and have extensive experience in pediatrics.

They are also well known for their business and personal improvement seminars, regularly leading people to better lives and practices. You may recognize “The 10% Edge” or “Going the Distance” for corporations and organizations. They also present “Perfecting Your Parenting” and “Courting or Courtroom?” for insight on daily relationships. Civil and religious affiliated groups often request these seminars to educate and encourage their members. They also provide keynote speeches throughout North America. Their speech titled, “The Efficacy of Hypnosis” is frequently requested by medical and dental schools.